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Choosing the right
vinyl flooring

The affordability, durability, and appearance make vinyl plank flooring a great option
for busy spaces without the price tag of real wood or tile!

Vinyl Planks - DIY Installation Flooring

Installing vinyl plank floors is as simple as snap, lock, and done so there is no need to hire a flooring expert to install it for you.
This table will help you perform your DIY installation.
  • cleaning stuff Easy to Clean and Install
  • waterproof 100% Waterproof
  • hour glass 5-25 Years Lifespan
  • vancouver canada Designed in Vancouver, BC

Why you should choose vinyl flooring?

vinyl floors don't need underlay

No Underlay Required

Vinyl flooring can be installed on nearly any subfloor, with the thicker floors being forgiving to imperfect subfloors.  
vinyl floors are scratch resistant

Scratch Resistant

Vinyl floors are a great option for those with pets who are worried about accidents causing scratches on the surface.
vinyl floors we offer are VOC gasses free

Zero Toxic VOC Gasses

There are two primary types of PVC (Polyvinylchloride, is what vinyl is made from) on the market: virgin PVC vinyl and Pristine vinyl, made from recycled materials.

Vinyl made from recycled materials could cause cancer, this is why we are selling Virgin PVC Vinyl.

Do you have any questions?

Between Laminate and Vinyl which one is better? Why?
Vinyl is by far a better option than Laminate.
The reason of Vinyl flooring advantage over Laminate is because of its durability and design options. 
What is the easiest DIY flooring?
If you are a DIY person and willing to handle the preparing and installing steps all by yourself, we would suggest Vinyl Planks as a DIY flooring.
Vinyl Plank vs. Vinyl Sheet flooring. The differences, pros, and cons?
The Similarities! 
Both forms of vinyl flooring are 100% waterproof and most are made of virgin vinyl. 

The vinyl material is exactly the same across both sheet and plank vinyl flooring. 

The Differences! 
Sheet vinyl comes on a large roll, similar to linoleum flooring. It is installed in one big sheet that covers your space, with no visible seams. 

Plank vinyl flooring comes in a plank style similarly to laminate flooring, and is installed plank by plank to create a natural wood look. 

Vinyl plank flooring also has a sturdy fiberglass backing to it, unlike vinyl sheet flooring, which needs to be rolled out therefor making any rigidity impossible. 

Installing vinyl plank flooring is very DIY friendly while sheet vinyl flooring has the tendency of curling up over time and since there is no distinction between planks

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