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ENMON NORTH AMERICA, based in Vancouver BC, Canada is a wholesale & retail resource that bridges the gap between import and distribution of exceptional porcelain tile and vinyl flooring products. They carry a wide selection of indoor porcelain tile with marble and natural stone finishes, 2cm outdoor paver and deck tiles and 3cm outdoor paver tiles that are perfect for driveways. With resources and manufacturers throughout Europe and China, they produce and distribute an extensive variety of porcelain, ceramic and vinyl surfaces for all types of architectural, construction, and interior design projects across the country. With over 20 years in the trade, Enmon boasts industry expertise in residential and commercial building surfaces, providing their customers with unparalleled quality, easy installation solutions and a diverse inventory of products. Their warehouse in Vancouver BC keeps a huge stock of products on hand allowing their clients to adhere to their timelines and finish their projects on time while ensuring quality of application. They develop their products in collaboration with factories and design studios in Italy and Spain, keeping their finger on the pulse of the most advanced technology and in front of the trends. They have dedicated ourselves to research, innovation, and durability, as well as environmental responsibility.